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High School Yearbooks

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Whether you are a sponsor for students working on the yearbook or you are the student yearbook editor, more than likely you need some ideas when it comes to a theme for this years’ yearbook. You want it to be unique and special, and a theme that will bring a smile and a whole lot of memories years later. There are many different themes for high school yearbooks to choose from, but the theme you choose needs to be a great one. So, if you are stumped for ideas, here are a few great ideas for the theme for your high school yearbooks.

Dreams and Reflections
One great theme to consider for high school yearbooks is the theme, “Dreams and Reflections.” This is a great theme that will let you reflect back on the school year and it will also help to highlight the dreams of those attending your school. You can use special affects on your yearbook pages to reflect on the year at hand or even to focus on some dreams for the future.

Faces and Places
Another great theme for high school yearbooks is the theme, “Faces and Places.” This can be a fun and easy theme to use in a yearbook. The focus should be on some of the places around the school and some places that you visit throughout the year. Also, you should be focuses on all the faces of the students as well, and don’t forget to include the faces of the teachers too.

Footprints in Sand
The theme, “Footprints in the Sand,” is another great theme for high school yearbooks. You can use this theme to focus on the various steps that have been taken by the students throughout the year. There are many great creative ideas that you can incorporate into this theme as well to make your yearbook a unique one.

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