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High School Science Projects

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One of the parts of a high school science class that makes many students groan is having to do a project for the science fair. Doing a project for the science fair is going to take some time, and it isn’t always very easy to come up with a good idea for your project either. You of course want to get a good grade on your project, but you want to find a project that is unique and interesting too. If you are need an idea for your high school science projects, here are a few that you may want to consider using.

Test Rain in Your Area
One idea for high school science projects is to do an experiment testing out the rain in your area. More than likely you are familiar with the idea that some rain contains quite a few contaminants that can actually be dangerous. This is a fairly simple project, but it is interesting as well. You can easily collect some rain samples, and then test those samples to find out what is really in the rain in your area.

The Effect of Colored Light on Plants
Another idea for high school science projects is to test the affect of different colored lights on plants. You probably know that light is made up of different colors of light, but did you ever wonder if one of those colors would make a plant grow better, or if a particular color of light would make the plants die? All you need is several plants, some boxes to put them in, and some color lights to use on your plants. Make sure that all the plants get the same amount of water, and of course make sure that one plant only gets regular light so you can compare it to the other plants.

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