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High School Debate Topics

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If you are in charge of the high school debate team, no doubt you want to come up with topics that will challenge the minds of those on your team. You’ll want to make them think, work hard, and get them ready for competitions. While you may find yourself stumped for ideas, or perhaps you have already gone through the topics that you have come up with on your own. Either way, you may need some new inspiration for high school debate topics. So, if you need some ideas, here are a few great high school debate topics to use for your high school debate team.

Weapons of Mass Destruction
One great topic for your debate team to use for practice is weapons of mass destruction. You can split up the team into two parts and have one side argue for disarmament and one side argue against.

Health Care in America
Another great idea for high school debate topics is the topic of health care in America.   Be sure that they understand possible policy changes before they debate them—for instance, how insurance is tied to employment and how government programs work. These are the questions that the kids on your team are going to need to answer. Of course allow them to do their research and prepare for the debate, and then hold a spirited debate on this topic to get them in gear.

Education in the United States
The current state of public school education is another of the many high school debate topics out there. This is one that will definitely be pertinent to students in high school, since they are quite familiar with the educational system in the U.S. Have them break up into teams, take some research time, and then come back together for a great debate. There are many topics within this that can be debated, for instance: school uniforms, how schools are funded, how long the school year should be, and how student learning should be measured.

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