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College Degrees

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For many students preparing to go to college, the decision as to what kind of degree to get can be a real challenge.  For people just beginning their college years, the first decision to be made in regards to college degrees is whether or not to get an associates degree, or to pursue your bachelors.  The associates is typically a two-year degree that focuses on career related aspects such as dental assistants, medical coding, paralegals, and other related majors.  It’s a great way for students to earn a degree in half the time, and does hold weight in the professional world.  It is also a wonderful boost in starting a well paying career.  The bachelors degree is a little bit more study intensive, and usually takes anywhere from 4-6 years to complete.  This degree is made for those who want to really hone in on their skills and their desired major, and it is often the springboard for people looking to pursue further education later on, such as achieving their masters or PhD. 

With various forms of college degrees out there, it can sometimes be a little confusing as to how to go about both obtaining one and which one to get.  If you are currently in high school, talk to your guidance counselor about finding the degree that will work best for you.  Your counselor can help you sit down and go over the pros and cons of various college degrees, so that you can make a conscious and informative decision.  Remember that no matter which degree you go after, it is a wonderful way to find the job of your dreams, and to be able to live your life doing something you feel passionate about.  College degrees are more than just an education; they are a new beginning and open the doors for endless possibilities.

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