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Whether you teach in a Christian school or you have your own Sunday School class at church, no doubt you are always looking for great lessons to use for your class. Christmas is definitely a special time of year, and you’ll probably want to pick out some lessons that will be educational, inspirational, and focused on the season that is at hand. So, if you are looking for some great Bible lessons for this Christmas season, here are a few great ideas that can help you out.

Idea #1 – Story of the 3 Wise Men – The story of the Three Wise Men is a great idea for Bible lessons during the Christmas season. Often this is a story that gets passed over when people are talking about the Christmas story. Focus on the Wise Men and how they were seekers of Jesus then bring it down to the level of your class, letting them know they should be wise and seek Jesus as well.

Idea #2 – The Shepherds – Another great idea for Christmas oriented Bible Lessons is the story of the shepherds that were out in the field when Jesus was born. This is really the only place in the whole Bible where a whole host of angels was seen by men, and these angels were celebrating the birth of Christ. This is a great lesson to use to show the importance of celebrating the birth of Jesus as well as giving ourselves to Him, just as the shepherds did.

Idea #3 – The Story of Mary – Mary was just an ordinary girl in the Bible; however, she ended up being the girl that God used to have His Son. If you are looking for Christmas Bible lessons ideas, focusing on Mary and studying her life is a great idea. Not only do you get to explore the birth of Christ, but you also can explore how God can use ordinary people to accomplish His work on earth.

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