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How did America win World War II?

America's impact on the outcome of World War I was negligible. During World War II we were decisive. It was American troops, materials and strategy that led to the defeat of Germany, Italy and Japan.

How did the US win the war in the European Theatre?

1. German Strategy

  • Blitzkrieg - lightening war.
  • Battle of Britain - saturation bombing of England.
  • Attacked Soviet Union.

2. American Response

  • Landings in North Africa.
  • Landings in Italy:
  • Operation Overlord - D-Day: Opening up of a second front in Normandy France.

3. Soviet Union and US medt in Berlin.

  • VE Day

Japanese strategy

a) Sudden swift attack, wanted the US to refuse to fight.

b) As the tide turned they turned to Kamikaze (divine wind) Suicide attacks on ships. Part of Bushido code

General MacArthur's strategy in the pacific theater

Island Hopping

How did the US finally win the war in the pacific?

Dropping of the Atomic Bomb

August 6th - Hiroshima

August 9th - Nagasaki

Why was the US successful?

1. Technology (A Bomb)

2. Industrial might. - great commitment.

3. Sacrifices by US domestically - the homefront.

  • Women served in various production capacities like WOW's (Women of War.
  • Women volunteered for service: WAC's (Women's Army Corps), Waves, Spars.
  • Citizens observed rationing.
  • Students and others collected scraps.
  • New technology - nylon as opposed to the silk used parachutes.
  • Massive government and private investment to war industry

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