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I. The Revolution Begins

A. The Policy of Mercantilism

1. The concept that the colony existed for the good of the mother country.

2. The colonies paid taxes, sent over raw materials and had to purchase all finished good from the mother country.

3. The mother country's only obligation was defense.

4. England had actually ignored the colonies and never really collected taxes, a policy called Salutary Neglect.

B. The French and Indian War

1. The French and Indian War cost the British a lot of money.

2. Following the policy of mercantilism they abandoned Salutary Neglect by:

  • increasing taxes - Sugar Act, Stamp Act
  • increasing control - Proclamation of 1763 (Set a border at the frontier to increase control)

3. This was done without consulting the colonists

C. Colonial Reaction

1. Cried - "No Taxation Without Representation!"

2. Formed the Sons of Liberty

3. Tarred and feathered stamp collectors

4. Disobeyed the King.

D. The British Response

1. Various Punitive and Taxing Acts

  • Tea Act, which led to Boston Tea Party
  • Quartering Acts - British soldiers lived in the homes of colonists.
  • Coercive Acts, which the colonists called the Intolerable Acts where the Port of Boston was closed and the Massachusetts charter revoked.

E. The Revolution Begins

1. The colonists met at the First Continental Congress and sent a letter to the King attempting to find peace, he never read it. This was known as the Olive Branch Petition.

2. The King sent troops to the Colonies and battles occurred at Lexington and Concord and then Bunker Hill.

3. The Second Continental Congress wrote and ratified the Declaration of Independence.

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