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After the failure of the Articles of Confederation delegates met at the Constitutional Convention to revise the articles. Instead they rewrote the entire government. One of the things they needed to do was strengthen the national government. This was not without debate. While almost all recognized the need to strengthen the national government, the question was how and how much? Many feared that a strong central government would abuse it's powers as the King in England did. Others felt the government needed to be strong in order to run the nation efficiently. In the end they developed a balanced system called Federalism.

I. The Delegates Create a Federal Government

A. Federalism

1. A system of government that creates a central government and local state governments.

2. The powers of the national and state governments are divided and balanced.

B. How did the Federalist and Anti Federalists differ in their opinions?

1. Federalists - James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay. Favored ratification of constitution, wanted strong but balanced federal govt. Printed a series of articles in New York supporting ratification of the new Constitution that became known as the Federalist papers.

2. Anti-federalists - Patrick Henry and Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson. Feared strong central govt. Supported states rights. Proof was lack of Bill of Rights.

3. Federalists won but had to promise a Bill of rights would be their first order of business.

C. How the Powers are Divided

Delegated Powers

National or Federal Government Powers

Reserved Powers

State Powers

Concurrent Powers

Powers shared by both

Make war

Establish peace

Set weights and measures

Negotiate treaties

Immigration and Naturalization

Establish Post Offices

Interstate Commerce

Schooling and Education

License professional workers

Charter businesses

Marriage and divorce laws

Regulate intrastate trade

Health and safety

Punish lawbreakers


Establish courts

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