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I. The Development of Democracy in America

A. Greek Contributions

1. Invented democracy - demos (mob) ocracy (rule)

2. The Polis - center of life in Athens

3. Direct Democracy - One man, one vote. All citizens voted.

B. Roman Contributions

1. Representative (Republican) democracy - the Roman Senate

2. Existence of written laws.

C. Enlightenment Thinkers

1. John Locke

  • Natural Rights of Life, Liberty and Property
  • Consent of the Governed
  • Right to Rebel

2. Baron de Montesquieu

  • Separation of Powers

3. Voltaire

  • Freedom of the Press - "I may disagree with what you say but I will defend until death your right to say it."

4. Rousseau

  • Social Contract

5. Hobbes, Machiavelli - wrote Leviathan

  • Strong central government

D. Effect of Enlightenment Thinkers

1. Rousseau became the basis of the right to form self governments as shown by the Mayflower Compact, Virginia House of Burgesses, etc.

2. Locke became basis for Declaration of Independence

3. Montesquieu became basis for Constitution.

4. Voltaire became basis of freedom of speech as shown at the Trial of John Peter Zenger and in the Bill of Rights.

5. Hobbes and Machiavelli became the basis of a stronger central government as shown in the system we call Federalism (a part of the Constitution)

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