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I. The Effect of Geography on America

A. Colonies

1. Colony: A territory or possession of another country that has limited self government (autonomy).

2. Nations claimed colonies to enhance the power and wealth

3. In the process of gaining colonies native cultures were often destroyed.

B. Why thirteen colonies?

1. Because colonies were applied for. You had to have a "charter" (a document of permission) from the King.

2. Separating them made good political sense and provided for smaller more manageable governments.

3. Geography, the sheer size of the territory, made division necessary.

C. Who ran the colonies?

1. Governors who were chosen by the King.

2. Locally elected legislatures.

  • Example would be the Virginia house of Burgesses.

D. Why become a colonist?

1. Religious persecution, economic opportunity.

E. The Effect of Geography

1. Became a nation of farmers and traders.

2. Made it difficult to govern. King really left the colonies alone, this policy was called "Salutary Neglect."

3. The colonists developed, by necessity, limited self-government.

4. Eventually saw themselves as different, a breed apart.

5. Contributed to the revolution.

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