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Why has the job of President of the United States Become so complex?

Well, for one thing the job of the President may be the hardest job in the world. He is after all the "leader of the free world!" When our founding fathers created the job of President they envisioned small central government and basic decisions. Today the job has evolved greatly. Listed below are some of the roles the President must play:


Commander in Chief of the Military: The President is responsible for all military decisions. In the end any military action taken by this nation is his responsibility. This is particularly important because of the nature of the use of weapons...they start wars and people die.

Chief Diplomat: The President is the nations chief diplomat. It is his responsibility to negotiate treaties and conduct foreign affairs.

Chief Executive: All of the heads of the agencies in Washington report to the President. In the end he is responsible for carrying out the law and making sure the beauracracy runs efficiently.

Head Legislator: Often the President suggests laws and he is always pushing for legislation he feels is important. In this function he often acts as a loobyists, exerting pressure and sheparding bills through Congress. The President must also sign and/or veto legislation.

Leader of Public Opinion: The President is the one person we ALL have voted for. He is supposed to represent us and be a leader among us. This is particularly difficult considering the contentious nature of politics. Often in trying to lead public opinion he only serves to enrage half of the country. This is what poliyics is all about.

Head of his political party: The President is responsible for helpingto get members of his party reelected (as well as himself). While this is not an "official" function it is time consuming.

For more information visit the White House!!

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